Teeth Whitening Hayward CA

Teeth Whitening Hayward

Smile is a universal language of kindness. When you smile, you look healthy, active and approachable. When the teeth are yellow, you may lose the confidence to smile, which in turn can impact your personality. As a solution to the problem of dull teeth, there are a number of methods developed to whiten teeth. The in-office whitening is the most effective and safe among all whitening methods. Are you preparing for an upcoming event in life? Are you unhappy with your dull smile? Make an appointment and meet our dentist. At Uppal Dental Care, we have successfully brightened the pearly whites for many of our patients in and around the city of Hayward.Trust your smile to us and we'll take care.

How do teeth turn yellow?

Teeth have enamel, dentin and pulp layers. The enamel is the outermost layer of the tooth. As people grow old, the enamel layer can erode and the color of dentin which is pale yellow may reflect over the teeth surface. Poor oral hygiene, smoking, drinking dark colored fluids like wine, tea and cola can contribute to darkening of teeth. Staining occurs when pigments of dark colored fluids occupy the porous enamel layer. This can mask the natural color of teeth making them look dull and unhealthy. Tooth whitening is performed to clear stain and brighten the teeth. The process involves the use of whitening agents to clear stains from the porous enamel layer.

Another form of staining is intrinsic staining. This occurs in some patients when their teeth are exposed to too much of fluoride or due to use of medicine containing tetracycline. Our dentist checks the status of teeth and lets patients know if tooth whitening can brighten their smile.

Teeth whitening at our office

Our tooth whitening procedure is one of the trusted and reliable methods of brightening smiles in the city of Hayward. Dr. Uppal performs a comprehensive oral check up before going ahead with the cosmetic procedure. Problems like tooth decay and gum infection may have to be treated first. These infections can come in the way of whitening process if not taken care of. Once the teeth are healthy to be whitened, pictures of teeth are taken and the brightness is measured using a shade scale. This can be used as a reference to show the difference in brightness before and after the treatment.

Teeth are dried and a protective gel is applied to the gums. Hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide are the most widely used whitening agents in dentistry. The whitening agents are capable of entering the porous enamel layer and undergo oxidation to clear stain. A laser is used during the course to accelerate the process. The whitening process may take about 40 minutes. On completion, patients can see the changes in the smile.

Our team guides patients on how to care for the teeth so that the brightness lasts long. With proper care, the brightness can last for a year. If you have a query about teeth whitening, visit our office and speak to our dentist.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

The study says that bleaching or teeth whitening when done with the low concentration of peroxide are safe if it is used as directed by the dentist.

Teeth whitening effect is not permanent. People who don't maintain good oral habits and expose their teeth to stain-causing foods and beverages are susceptible to lose the whiteness easily.

The overall treatment will usually take three to four weeks. Initially, you should visit a dentist twice or thrice, where you will be examined by the dentist. After the in-office teeth whitening procedure is finished the dentist will provide you with the guidelines how you can continue the treatment at home. In-home treatment will continue over two to four weeks.

No, teeth whitening is a safe and effective procedure. It does not typically include any negative effects. However over-doing it can lead to some negative aspects of the procedure.

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